How we get the SABC we want

It starts with getting a permanent board of the SABC that is committed to the broadcaster, has expertise in broadcasting and media and has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills.

How does it work?
The Broadcasting Act requires 12 non-executive (part-time) members of the board plus the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). At the moment, there is an Interim Board in place. They have been appointed to work for six months (ending in September 2017) until a permanent board is nominated and elected.

And that’s where we come in - the public has the opportunity to nominate people that they think are qualified and will advance the mandate of the SABC by being a board member.

Once all nominations have been received, the nominees are shortlisted and are interviewed by Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications. The committee then sends its list of recommendations to the National Assembly for a final decision. The National Assembly then sends their recommendations to the President for approval. The Minister of Communications has no legal right to appoint or remove members of the board.

So what can we do?


Do you know of someone with extensive broadcasting experience? Someone who has a passion for our country? Someone who is willing to work hard to deepen our hard-won democracy? If you know of someone who fits this bill, then nominate them to sit on the permanent board of the SABC – you can SMS their name here.

Share this campaign with your friends, family, and communities to also speak out.

Remember the SABC is ours and we need to demand a SABC board that serves us!

Demand a robust and fiercely independent SABC board that is nominated and selected through a fully transparent and public process.
- Demand a SABC serves the interests of its publics and audiences without fear or favour.
- Demand a SABC that is free of commercial, and political interference.
- Demand a SABC that focuses on citizens, not consumers.
- Demand that the Minister and Portfolio Committee on Communications, as well as Parliament, play a proper and effective oversight role.

Extra info
Section 8 of SABC Charter -
(8) The Corporation must develop a Code of Practice that ensures that the services and the personnel comply with-
(a) the constitutional principle of equality;
(b) the equitable treatment of all segments of the South African population;
(c) the constitutional requirement of equitable treatment of all official languages;
(d) the rights of all South Africans to receive and impart information and ideas;
(e) the mandate to provide for a wide range of audience interests, beliefs and perspectives; and
(f) a high standard of accuracy, fairness, and impartiality in news and programmes that deal with matters of public interest.

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