What the SABC should be

As our public broadcaster, the SABC ought to be an institution that broadcasts news and programming that is relevant to, and in the interest of the public. It is, therefore, accountable to the South African public, and is required to provide us with content that not only informs us, but also educates and entertains us.

Independent and Impartial
Independent and impartial from the state and commercial sources. The SABC should serve the public interest, and not the interests of the government, individual political parties (or their factions), or commercial interests.

Accountable to the public. Distinctive in its programming the SABC should cater for a diversity of tastes, serve educational, informational and entertainment purposes and offer different programming to other broadcasters. The broadcaster should aim for the bulk of its programmes to be locally produced.

Publicly funded
The broadcaster should derive the bulk of its funds from public funding (like license fees, a tax on advertising or through a parliamentary appropriation) rather than commercial sources. It should also manage and spend public money effectively and efficiently.

Quality Relevant Content
The SABC should produce and deliver quality content that is not only entertaining, but relevant to its viewers. It should strive to provide programmes that contribute to a diversity of opinions and an informed public where news and current affairs content is accurate, balanced and impartial. Programming should also seek to serve all people in the country through content delivered equitably in all 11 official languages.

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